LA’DERM Bio Repair – Sensitive Care

Soothe sensitive skin, Reduce redness, Hydrating, Whitening, Moisturizing.

Change rout redness, itching, scaling. Designed specifically designed for the highly sensitive skin. Ultra-mild, zero stimulation; extraction of natural plant extracts, deep moisturizing, skin quickly resolve sensitive issues and restore whitening and supple skin.

Chamomile Repair Serum
Contains a wealth of chamomile essence, the skin into the most tender skin energy, can strengthen the skin tissue to rebuild the skin’s own defense force, soothe and improve skin redness, itching and other discomfort dry and the surface layer of the skin’s natural moisture film, sterile skin skin health, comprehensive care for delicate skin.
Chamomile, known as “the most gentle skin power”, with excellent comfort, calm effect.
Acidic formula, fragrance, coloring, mineral oil or animal ingredients, mild.

Recovering Soothing Paper Mask

licorice extract, mannitol, deionized water, hyaluronic acid, etc.
Effectiveness: efficient free radical scavenging capacity, inhibition of the release of the sensitization factor the depth cells essentially blocking the occurrence of allergic reactions to reduce the formation of red blood. But also improve the cells tolerated allergens.

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