With the times Innovation

With the progress of the times, cosmetic science and technology is constantly changing, in terms of type, recipe ingredients, packaging, marketing strategy and power efficiency, already tend to be more creative aspects of the revolution, and the feast of wonderment, in order to move with the times, the beauty must continue self-improvement, to seek a breakthrough, in order to keep pace with the times. As chairman of Frankie Lim Franevyns create beauty industry for nearly 20 years, he witnessed the great transition beauty market.

Then spotted the market demand can be said Frankie bold innovation in the biggest challenge to the beauty industry for so long. He said that 10 years ago, the recipe already unable to meet the maintenance needs of customers, so Franevyns every year for the slightly modified products, so that products can better meet the needs of the people, to achieve better beautiful skin.


Entrepreneurship, requires patience, endurance,
Also insisted must never follow the crowd,
quick success

Market opportunities do not always belong to one person. With the development of the beauty market, more and more companies with professional beauty, competition has become increasingly fierce. Sharon was never a self-satisfied with the results of the people, in order to allow enterprises to progress again, she decided to carry out a radical reform. In 2002, she and partner companies will transition to Franevyns Beaute (M) Sdn. Bhd.

“Franevyns not overnight, is slow to heat up, and this heat does not depend on advertising” drying out “, is to rely on 10 years of” work “forged out of our business model has been designed according to the ascending land development, and did not bear the kind of ups and downs of weight loss. “she said indifferently. She added that the size of the total forest beauty business establishment, so that the beauty market becomes more saturated. Faced with new challenges, Sharon believed that only reform itself and innovate, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


Intimate and assurance

Dixon Koay Franevyns general manager, said living in the era of soaring prices, Franevyns’s brands, such as LA’DERM, Skin Revolution, Slenderine adhere to maintain the original price, and even advertised ‘Money Guarantee Refund’ marketing strategy, as long as customers do not think fit or feel the effect, you can get money back. This not only demonstrates Fravenyns for its products quality assurance, so well received by the trust of customers. “Whether it is for quality products or the attitude towards customers, always with a sincere heart, to make beauty industry towards a better broad road.”

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